BlingZ. Company is an online reseller since 2011 and rebranded as BEZ — pronounced as “Be Easy” — in 2017, the brand now specializes in sleek smartphone covers made of synthetic leather, priced from £7.99 to £20.00. It also offers adapters, chargers and other travel-related accessories.

Our online shop and warehouse are located all over EU region such as UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and Also in Thailand.

Almost a decade in phone case and gadgets business, we are professional in manufacturing various designs of phone cases. Until now BEZ® has plenty of fine quality goods provided to all customers around the world. Specialize in Poly-Urethane (PU), the artificial leather, the main material we are using for our high quality flip case.

There are many luxurious and functional designs; we have our own design department to test and review in every step of launching new product also very intense of quality check at 100% for several times. We have not stopped at only the phone cases product. We are working hard in our everyday to provide the best quality in other department of our brands such as; Travel, Sport, Household and etc. Moreover, we are looking to collaborating with all partners to expand the product lines.